Homework 9: Using dplyr


Read through the R script I have provided: hw09-dplyr.R. This code reads in data from two separate csv files. BBNP_transects_2011.csv and BBNP_species.csv These data were collected by my Ecological Strategies of Plants class in 2011. The full data set is available at https://github.com/schwilklab/BBNP20102011Data and these data were published in Waring and Schwilk 2014. Here are some metadata describing these files:


Variable name Variable definition
species Species binomial.
family Family
gf Growth form of species
longcode Six letter code for species, first three letters of genus and first 3 letters of species name
spcode Five letter code identifying species. Lowercase with parentheses indicates morphospecies not identified


Variable name Variable definition Units
site Code for the site where data was collected text
spcode full names in BBNP_species.csv text
ttrans Transect number; not repeated between years number
team Initials of individuals who collected data text
start Position where the canopy started intersecting the transect m
stop Where the canopy of a plant stopped intersecting the transect m
dieback The visually estimated precentage of canopy dieback percent


The instructions are at the top of the R script. In short: Read the code and make sure you understand each step. Then write code to complete the tasks I've indicated in comments at the end of the file. Send me the completed script.

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